Charity Work by Edge Hospitality Banquet Hall Oakville

Edge Hospitality offers discount for charitable organization as a part of charity and helps children in need of food, shelter, protection and education with Charity of Hope organization.

Charity by Edge Hospitality

At Edge Hospitality we believe that every journey begins with a single step which is why we are committed to helping others in need. These small contributions to our community and others are something that are company truly enjoys being part of. We offer discounts for any charitable organization and also if the funds are available, like to donate to the cause.

Our management team are also committee members on The Charity of Hope which is an organization that our president started with his family members. This charity has raised over $1 million dollars to date and  helps children in need of food, shelter, protection and education in the GTA area. There are now three chapters- one in Hamilton, Brantford and Oakville. The Oakville chapter is hosted at our venue the Oakville Conference Center each year.  We also work with Kerr Ministries by donating and bringing left over food to their facility…especially during the holiday seasons. To find out more about The Charity of Hope, please go to