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How to Cook Barbecue Baby Back Ribs Baby back ribs are the filet mignon of pork ribs. The trick is find baby back ribs that have not had the meat on top of the ribs trimmed off by a butcher. There is nothing worse when the only meat is between the bones and dry, there should always be meat on top of the ribs as well as in between – this helps keep it moist. The best place to find good baby backs are at the large warehouse stores and at meat wholesalers. Baby back ribs also know as loin back ribs. The technical difference between baby back ribs and loin bak ribs is blurred to the point of redundancy in modern usage. I usually get my ribs from Paul Hill of Willowgrove Hill Farms – the best pig farmer I know. Just as beef filet mignon does not have a lot of flavor, pork back ribs do not a lot of flavor. To get the most out of them a marinade is a really good idea and mopping also helps.

Prep is much simpler than for spare ribs. Remove the outer membrane then you can get on to the marinade, mustard, rubs and mops. One very successful method of cooking baby back ribs is 2-2-1. The times are approximate. Lower weight or higher cooking temperatures will shorten the time required. Two hours at 225ºf to 275ºf with smoke to form a nice crust and get the smoke into the ribs. Two hours in foil to tenderize the ribs. One hour to firm up the crust. Add BBQ sauce at BBQ It’s about the rub. Great BBQ tastes great without sauce. The sauce is the finishing touch.

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• Buy pure meat nothing added. Certain percentage of anything added such as brine or salt water is not desirable. • Remove the first membrane on the back side of ribs. • Apply a BBQ spice “Rub” not more than 2 hours before cooking. • Use wood smoke. Be very careful with oak and mesquite they can easily overpower pork ribs. You only want thin blue smoke coming from your smoker, not thick white smoke. Cherry is my favorite choice for ribs. • Cook the meat with INDIRECT heat, not directly over the charcoal or propane burner. • The meat is done when a toothpick goes throw the meat like it was warm butter. Internal Temperature will be 190°f to 200°f . • Don’t sauce until the ribs are cooked, apply one or two coats of sauce in the last 15 to 30 minutes on the cooker. For a sweeter glaze add some honey to you BBQ sauce. How to BBQ Ribs so they are falling off the bone tender.

The secret of how to barbecue ribs until they are falling of the bone tender is foil. Cook the ribs until they have a nice crust. Wrap in foil with a little apple juice and cook to 200f internal temp. They will be cooked and falling apart tender. If you want to sauce your ribs roll back the foil but leave it under the rack for support, sauce and put back with indirect heat for 15 minutes.