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Picking your bridesmaids is sometimes a hard task. Am I leaving someone out? Will they be excited to be part of it? Will everyone get a long? It's a lot to think about and it doesn't end there...

Generally it is a lot of fun getting all of your best girlfriends together to help you plan and be part of the biggest day of your life. There are however some things to keep in mind in order for all of your special ladies to be happy and for the planning process to be enjoyable for everyone.

#1. Let your bridesmaids have some say in the bridesmaid dress choice. Sure you want a certain colour scheme and look for your big day and that is fair but it is important to keep in mind that everyone has a different body type and style. Some girls may be ok in a strapless dress where other girls will be completely uncomfortable! Try to mix up some styles so the girls have a choice or pick something that will flatter everyone especially since they are paying for it and will likely never wear it again.

#2. If your bridesmaids aren't friends already, introduce them to each other. High school group? College group? Coworker? Chances are your wedding party is a mix of special friends from different parts of your life. Get them together and introduce them all so that every other event will be more comfortable. Tip: Mimosas are proven to help with bonding!

#3. Try to delegate tasks ahead of time. Your bridesmaids are probably all more than willing (and should be!) to help you out with things you need extra hands with. Definitely take them up on their offers (you will be happy if you do and less stressed!) but make sure you give them a heads up of what you want them to do and enough time to complete these tasks!

#4. Gifting your bridesmaids with a meaningful thank you gift. Most brides gift their girls with a thank you gift however it is nice to get them something that they will actually like- not just something that can be used on your wedding day to accentuate the look you were going for.  Try to personalize the gifts or even do a gift certificate to a spa or mall ( they can pick what they want!) and pair it with a meaningful card letting them know how much you appreciate their support!

#5. Try to talk to them about stuff other than your wedding. Its hard to not want to talk about your wedding 24/7 but make a real conscience effort not to...or at least only do that with your mom or mother in law! Keep up to date with their lives and have some conversations where you don't talk about the wedding at all! When you do bring it up- they will be that much more excited to chat it out.