To say that this winter has been a long one is an understatement and even though it feels like this winter will never end… spring is right around the corner. We know that you are all as excited as we are, but to get you even more excited (if that’s possible) we have put together some of our season must haves. Spring is the season where everything comes to life again and we’re hoping that our Spring 2014 breakdown will bring your souls back to life from the dreadful hibernation we are sure they’ve been in.
1. Bloomingdales Scarf: This beautiful scarf is sure to add that extra pop of colour to your spring wardrobe, a staple piece that everyone needs!
2. Aldo Bag: This nude handbag will pair perfectly with any outfit you chose and it just so happens to be cute and affordable!
3. Bloomingdales Plate: This plate will bring a mix of colour to your kitchenware for spring time; it will be great for entertaining and add the brightness you have been longing for all winter.
4. The Family Cooks: We all know that with summer right around the corner spring turns into panic mode and we stress about starting to eat healthy. This book will give you great recipes to get you eating clean again!
5. Blue Necklace: Chunky necklaces are all the rage this year along with eye catching colours, adding this electric blue necklace to your spring/summer selection will not disappoint.
6. Flowers: Starting on May 10th the Toronto Flower Market is back open for business; it features local florists and their beautiful fresh flower selections. Take a trip down to Queen West and see for yourself, we dare you to try leaving without some.
7. Yoga Mat: Kick off your spring workouts will some much needed yoga. If you are anything like us there isn’t a better way to just relax and forget about everything stressing you out. Pick up one of these amazing mats today and get your summer bodies back!