The Seychelle Islands, situated off the coast of Africa, are in one word: perfection.

Made up of a string of over 115 islands in the sparkling Indian Ocean, the Seychelle’s are a thousand miles away from the ordinary. Exotic luxury at it’s finest! While you have many islands to choose from, many people decide to stay on the main island of Mahe for it’s convenience


Banyan Tree

Located on the main island of Mahe in Victoria, the Bayan Tree Resort is like a dream come true. It is made up of 60 private villas that are styled in a whitewashed-colonial feel, each of them with their own infinity pool.  There are also plush jungle plants (aged Takamaka trees to be exact) that surround each villa and a 5 star spa that people who aren’t even staying there book appointments at!  Sounds awful………..

Fregate Island Hotel



You have to fly here by Helicopter which is a pretty good indication of the level of luxury that this place represents. At a cool $5,000 a night room charge, you get a private butler (Sex and the City 2 style), your own infinity pool and you get to mingle with wild tortoises that roam the property freely. It is also home to a 5 star restaurant…..that is situated in a tree house. DYING


Although the point of going to Seychelles is to do nothing but lay horizontal and enjoy the beach, you may get a little restless after a few days and want to spice things up.

Island Hop


Most people book the Seychelles with a goal to see at least 2 or 3 of the different islands. Each of them are so different and unique (everything from water colour to animal life) and there are many cruise companies that offer Island Hopping trips. Make sure to check out Praslin if you are doing this!  It is most famous for the Vallée de Mai , a World Heritage Site home to the distinctive coco de mer palm. Another island favourite is  Anse Majo ( only acessible by FOOT or tiny boat!) and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the WORLD. Check out Cat Coco’s  for a great experience

Shop in the tiny capital of Victoria


If you are travelling from the city, you might need a little bit of LIFE after a few days and the tiny capital of Victoria offers just that. It has charming little streets that are lined with independently owned boutiques and exquisite restaurants. Many people describe it as a “little London”.



Your diet in the Seychelles will most likely consist of Champagne, Caviar and fresh exotic dishes all while laying down all day. If you are feeling a little sluggish, there are over 100 hiking trails on the island of Mahe alone! It is a great way to naturally spot some wildlife ( like the unique black parot!). The biggest home to the hiking trails is in the Morne Seychellois National Park where you can explore some great views and trails in a half day excursion.

Snorkel or Hitch a ride on the Glass bottom Boat


Who doesn’t want to find a real life Nemo? The Seychelles is a snorkeler’s paradise! If you don’t want to get wet though, they have an array of glass bottom boats where you can stay dry and spot many amazing little sea creatures!



-The main airport in the Seychelles is on Mahé (SEZ) and is a 10-minute drive south of Victoria. To each any of the other islands, there are various boat taxis and inter-island flights to take you there.

-There are currently no direct flights from Canada to the main island of Seychelles. The easiest route is taking a direct flight to Dubai, stopping over for a day or two and then taking another 4 hour flight to the Seychelles. Basically, travelling there is not a slice of cake but once you are there…it is most definitely worth it.