We rounded up some gifts for the bride to be in everyone’s life because we all know that December is best known for the holidays BUT…it is also known as the month of engagements. Whether you are a friend, an aunt, cousin or sibling, there is nothing a new bride-to-be likes more than some wedding related gifts! Here is a round up of some presents that will help her with planning the big day……or de-stressing from it!

1. HIS & HERS MUGS FROM CHAPTERS INDIGOA cup of jo in these matching mugs will make any newly engaged couple a little more happy.
2. LE CREUSET KETTLE. Do not be fooled, the Le Creuset brand does not only make pots! Tea is perfect for relaxing but staring at this kettle will help you relax as well- it’s beautiful!
3. BARE LOVE BEAUTY. Bridal beauty regimes start early and who doesn’t love to receive beauty products! This set includes 3 luxury treatments for the face, body and hair.
4.RUMI IPAD CASE FROM ELUXE.CA . YUP! You read that correctly…this is not a clutch. I’m sure with something this beautiful though, the bride to be can use it as both. She will likely be toting her Ipad around for the next year to keep her organized so this is a great and pretty way to make sure it stays safe.
5. “MRS” NECKLACE FROM KATE SPADE. Can Kate Spade do anything wrong? Her new bridal collection is enough to make us want to get married 3 times over.
6. SS Print Shop. Newly engaged also means NEW HOME (A lot of the time)! Gift some of these girly and pretty prints to help with the decoration process.
7. WAYSPA.COM Gift Certificate. This next year is likely to be busy, busy, BUSY and there is nothing more relaxing than hitting the spa. The amazing thing about WAYSPA.COM is that you can use the gift certifcate at over 2,000 participating spas that they work with. Out of town and want to use it? Of course. So flexible and perfect for even the most picky person.
8. PRIA VADA JOURNAL & PLANNER FROM ETSY. Getting quotes over the phone, making vendor appointments and jotting down telephone numbers are just a few things that brides will be doing over the next year. A beautiful planner, especially one that not everyone will have, is a great way to keep to keep you organized without losing your mind.