If you asked us to sign up for a 18 KM race, we would be a little hesitate. As much as we love exercising, moving our legs for that long is slightly intimidating. But, what about when a Marathon changes water breaks into wine tasting breaks? Well…now you are talking!

The Half Corked Marathon, taking place May 24th, in the stunning Oliver Osoyoos Wine County, is just that.  Runners are encouraged to dress up, jog/run/walk through the vineyards and sample various wines from the regions along the route.


Now in it’s 4th year, the event is such a hot ticket that there is now a lottery system in place just to participate. 300 random winners will be selected to have the chance to purchase this in-demand ticket…..which in it’s first year sold out within seconds. Literally.

The lottery closes tomorrow so make sure to enter now!!