As essential as it is to plan out all of the décor and logistics for your wedding day, it is equally important to take care of yourself. Many brides want to look their best (especially for all the photos) so the vanity and beauty plan is always kicked up a notch in the months leading to the big day!  Here are briefs steps to get you looking and feeling your best. Of course all of these things can be tailored to each person but it will help you get your ducks in order if that’s what your looking for!Start Exercise & Eating Plan. They say it takes 3 months for your body to look and feel different. If you decide you want to lose a few of those extra stubborn pounds and get into great shape for your wedding ( very common!) then now is the time.Hair + Make Up Trails. It is so crucial to have this done. Some make up professionals will include this in their initial pricing and some may charge you extra but whatever the case may be- you need a preview. Print off make up  and hair photos that you like from Pinterest or magazines so the artists know EXACTLY what you have in mind. Speak up if you don’t like the way it looks 100% either. This is not the time to be shy!

Juice Cleanse. Your bachelorette party probably included way too many margaritas and 3AM pizzas so get your system back on track with a short 3 day cleanse. Load up on kale and celery juices and give your insides some healthy love.

Teeth Whitening. Whether you want to get this professional done or use some good old fashioned Crest Whitening Strips, now is the time. You don’t want any sensitivity on your wedding week so we suggest doing it a month before! Show off those pearly whites for a few weeks.Hair Colour + Trim. Have a little date with your hair dresser and make sure your roots are filled in and your colour is fresh! Get a tiny little trim (not even an inch) so your hair looks as healthy as possible but you still have your length

Facial . Get a little zen and get a little glow with a facial with your favourite person! We suggest two weeks before as we all know that post facial redness is inevitable!Massage. The countdown is on and you are officially getting hitched in 7 days. There is most likely loads of tension floating through your body! Book your favourite masseuse and unwind before the most exciting (but hectic) week of your life. You will float into the week with a  little more ease….

Hair Mask. Do you want your hair to shine in photos? Feel soft and Beyoncé like? Do a hair mask. We love the Morroccon Oil Hair Mask or you can just slather some Coconut Oil in your hair and leave overnight if you want to go the natural route!

Wax On, Wax OFF.  If you have a busy week, it might be nice to get this out of the way. You can really do this anywhere from a week to 3 days before but if you are waxing anywhere on the face we do recommend a week, just in case there is any sort of reaction!


Manicure. Sit back with your Maid of Honour and get a gel or shellac manicure. You will want your nails done before your Rehearsal dinner but you obviously do not want it chipping before the actual wedding day so shellac/gels is the way to go!

Spray Tan. Just like your manicure wanting to be complete before your Rehearsal dinner, you will also want your “tan” to be in full effect as well. Go to someone you have used before so you don’t turn out like an Oompa Loompa.

Gentle Homemade Mask. We suggest doing a Tumeric based mask so you wake up with radiant skin. Indian woman have been doing this for centuries before their wedding. Check this one out HERE.


Pedicure. Hit the Nail Salon once again but this time do it with all your bridesmaids. Have some girl time, unwind once again and let somebody get at your feet!

Beauty Sleep. A good 8-10 hours before your wedding day is crucial in making you look ( and FEEL) your best. You naturally will have some pre-wedding day jitters and may want to get some assistance in helping you fall asleep. We recommend some natural Melatonin, sprinkling some Lavender Oil on your pillow sheets and having a nice sleep inducing tea an hour before bedtime.

Hydrate …with WATER! Try to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. It will keep your skin fresh and will keep your energy levels in sync the following day. Also- do not drink any alcohol. Not only will it affect your sleep but you do not want to be remotely hungover!