Summer is FINALLY here and we couldn’t be more excited!

As we all know Canadian summer’s are short so we have rounded up 6 things we are most excited to partake in to make our summer worthwhile!

1. Picnic in the Park!
Grab a blanket, a basket, a cheese platter and a bottle of wine ( or two) and get cozy in a local park on a hot summer day. If you are in the Oakville area- the Bronte Harbour is a nice place to set up shop especially with the lake directly in front of you. If you are in Hamilton-Gage Park has shaped up to be a nice one and lastly if you are in Toronto- Trinity Bellwoods is always filled with music and warm energy.
2. Buy fresh flowers on a weekly basis!
Listen- we live in Canada. Times are tough in the Winter- bare branches, slush on the ground and bone shattering winds do not make floral life all that easy. Take advantage of this wonderful time and scoop up your favourite flowers ( mine are peonies) and have the sweet aroma’s fill your house.
Check out the recently launched Toronto Flower Market. It happens once a month in the city and features some of the best local greenhouses around!
3. Sangria on a patio
There is nothing that quenches your thirst more in the summer than some cold, refreshing Sangria. If you live in the Oakville area, we highly suggest hitting up our lakeside restaurant COMPASS but if you aren’t close- make some of your own Sangria. Here is one of our favourite recipes- you really can’t go wrong with mixing Strawberries and Peaches.
4. BBQ Party with delicious burger recipe from LA restaurant Father’s Office.
Our team likes to travel to many cities and we have made numerous “foodtineries” when doing so- meaning we base our trips around finding the best food and restaurants in the city. While one member of our team lived in LA- she made a foodtinery to find the best burger in the city and claims that the Father’s Office Burger will “never compare to anything”-Bold claim? Check out the official recipe from this place and find out yourself.  Leaked recipe is HERE
5. Fresh Fruits and Veggies from local Farmer’s Markets
We have been bombarded lately with how important it is to buy organic and local produce and now especially is the time!! There are various Farmer’s Markets around but our favourite is the Oakville Civitan Market which happens every Saturday from 8AM-2PM
6. Take a road trip!
Pick up a copy of the New York Times 36 hour road trip guide and take advantage of those Summer hours! If you can’t hop on a plane, we highly suggest hitting the open road and going to cottage country. If you live in the GTA, a gem of a place is the Elora Quarry which features a blue swimming hole that looks similar to a blue grotto you would find in Italy. Ok- that was an exaggeration but for a close by place- it’s pretty sweet!