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We thought it would be a good idea not to bombard you at the beginning of January when everyone else was with the best way to eat right and slim down and hit the gym and mama mia! It is always a lot right after the holidays and often times these resolutions do not last long!

Now that we are almost into February- we thought we would check in and get everyone re-focused by showing off some of our favourite superfoods that provide us with optimal health. Even though we love all of the meals our chefs whip up around here- we try to be healthy so we don't feel bad when we do indulge in them.

Here are 6 super foods that can do wonders to your body and lifestyle!


Yes my friends...CHOCOLATE. Cacao a key ingredient in our favourite dessert but more importantly is rich in antioxidants and minerals. When eaten in its raw form- this superfood has the power to boost serotonin levels and boost endorphin's. It also promotes and fights free-radical toxins throughout the body! 


The benefits of coconut oil have been thrown in our faces over the last two years....but for good reason. Coconut oil is essentially a fat but a good fat! It contains medium chain triglycerides which improve energy and aid in weight loss. We love coconut for all of the beauty benefits it has. Put some in your hair and leave it overnight and your hair once you wash it the next day will feel like silk. We kid you not! It is also great for your oral health! Type in "coconut oil pulling" and there will be endless accounts of people using this to whiten their teeth. It is a little weird at first but after you get used to the texture- it's easy peasy and the results are astounding!


Pitaya more commonly known as Dragonfruit is the trendiest new superfood out there right now. This colourful badboy that is originally grown in Southeast Asia and Central America has loads of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C & B and carotene which help your immune system, your skin and helps destroy cancer cells. It also has a ton of fiber which helps with digestion. Also if you have type 2 diabetes, it is known to help lower your levels!


Kimchi- also from Asia- is a spicy fermented cabbage that is filled with vitamins that build up strong digestive systems.  It is filled with good bacteria (probiotic microflora) which keep your intestinal tract working at its best! The longer you let it ferment, the more vitamins it boosts too!


This superfood that grows in the Amazon forest in Brazil is made up of a small dark berry. The acai berry is SUPER high in antioxidants which as we all know helps with aging and healthy skin. Not only does it beautify you but due to its high antioxidant levels it also protects cells from damage all throughout the body and has been shown to reduce cancer producing cells. It has 300% more antioxidants than blueberries alone! 


Are you still with us? Hopefully this weird word didn't scare you off! Keifer has been around for centuries but it is just now becoming more popular in North America. A little funny looking, Keifer is a mix between yogurt and milk. It's thick liquid properties help balance your inner eco system. It is one of the most powerful probiotic foods in existence! We have to say this one is not as tasty as you would hope it to be but the fact that it has been proven to prevent and help gastrointestinal diseases and lessen inflammation in the intenstinal tract...well sign us up