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Edgehospitality, Oakville Conference Center, Catering Oakville

We come across a lot of pretty things working in the catering and wedding industry-- pretty plates, pretty flowers and pretty bridal dresses! Unfortunately because we see all of these things so often, we sometimes  become desensitized! 

However, when we came across the stunning designs from Grace Loves Lace - our hearts fluttered in a way that they haven't in a while! The bohemian style bridal line that is designed for the "unique and new era" bride definitely lives up to its tagline. Coming out of Queendsland, Australia, the brand was born in 2010 after lead designer and founder Megan, was unable to find her dream dress. Not that we are happy about that but because of it- Grace Loves Lace is truly moving bridal wear in a new and exciting direction.  Each piece features french lace ( duh), silk and timeless sophistication. We can't wait to see the new collection launching soon

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