Catering Oakville

Christmas Shopping is in full swing and we are currently making a list and checking it twice! With the big day being just around the corner, we are rounding up a few items to gift to the foodies in your life.  Since we are pretty versed in all things drinking and eating, we picked some favourite things of ours that will be sure to impress the foodie you are buying for!

1. Brass Cutlery. Spice up your table settings with these brass cutlery sets. They add something extra to any sort of meal you whip up!

2. Jamie Oliver's "Comfort Food".  We love comfort food and we especially love Jamie Oliver so when you put the two together, we are SOLD!

3. Yolanda's Spuntino Olive Oil. Ok so we are a little biased here since this is one of our restaurants but the olive oil is brought in from Italy and if you are a fan of some of our dishes, we must tell you that we use it in pretty much everything!

4.  Neighbourhood Coasters from Uncommon Goods- Give your hometown some love with these cool, hipster coasters. Your parents would be happy when they come over!

5. Salt & Pepper Shakers from the Drake General Store. Probably not the most functional set of salt and pepper shakes but definitely a conversation starter and so cute!

6.  Flavoured Lip Blam- Let's face it- our lips get super chapped in the winter so if you have to constantly apply lipchap you might as well be using flavoured lipchap that tastes good enough to eat. BACON FLAVOUR? YES!!!

7. Glass Pot from MOMA. They say cooking is an art and that is forsure the case with this clear glass pot. Watch as your noodles or vegetables float around and make your time in the kitchen more interesting!